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Red Dead Redemption Online update bug brings Pegasus

Rockstar Game’s critically acclaimed western game Red Dead Online is experiencing an in-game pegasus glitch following a recent patch

Patch 1.35 fixes several quality of life issues reported to the developers by loyal fans of the game. Coincidentally, a new problem that will appear in the update is something that no one could have predicted, but Pegasus will be a new problem for all players of old shooters.

Red Dead Online Pegasus

User @OnlyPVPCat initially reported via social media that the issue would show a player riding a horse through what looks like Saint Denis. The city is an iconic part of the game and a popular spot for online players to pick up guns and ammo.

Riders flung explosives and Molotov cocktails from the air into the sprawling city. PVPCat flagged the issue as a possible source of online harassment, saying:

“This is the funniest thing that’s ever happened in this game, but I still hope Rockstar fixes it soon, otherwise there will be flying vandals in every lobby :).”

“Griefers” are destructive gamers who thrive on exploiting issues or glitches in their games purely to exploit them to prank other players. This type of player is the root cause of players choosing to turn off the player versus player (PVP) element of the game. Thankfully Red Dead Online has this option.

The fact that these bugs could be used for ill-gotten gains should be a concern for Rockstar, but the studio is proactive in working with the community on bug issues.

Rockstar Patch Notes

Not all the fixes in last week’s patch were bad, however. Some important additions have been made to game stability and performance, as well as online-specific changes:

  • Red Dead Online general fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused Naturalist Samples to not count towards the Daily Challenge
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Night Stalker being able to collect Night Stalker Masks in the dead of night
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in environmental vehicles not appearing in some content
  • Fixed an issue that caused Free Roam missions to fail to launch
  • Improved an issue that caused players to get stuck when entering the stables
  • Improved an issue that resulted in players being unable to summon horses and carriages
  • Voice chat is now off by default

The full list of changes to the Grand Theft Auto studio can be viewed here. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any other flying animals taking to the skies of the American Old West.

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