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Raspberry Pi is now a public company, with its shares rising after IPO pricing

Who would have thought that Raspberry Pi, maker of cheap single-board computers, would become a public company? Yet that’s exactly what happened this week, with Raspberry Pi launching its initial public offering (IPO) this morning at £2.80 per share, valuing the company at £542 million, or $690 million at today’s exchange rates.

Shortly afterwards, the share price soared to £3.70 – a 32% increase, meaning Raspberry Pi could ultimately raise more than $200 million in its IPO.

If you want to buy Raspberry Pi shares as a retail investor, you can’t do that right now. Currently, only certain institutional shareholders can trade. Retail investors will be able to buy and sell shares starting Friday.

The listing is also a boon for the London stock market. While both Deliveroo and Wise are listed in London, many British tech companies choose to list on the Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange in the United States because those stock markets are more liquid.

Raspberry Pi is known for its tiny computers that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks without spending too much money or using too much power. These Arm-based computers are particularly popular among technology enthusiasts who want to create media servers, retro gaming consoles, interactive dashboards, robotics projects, and more.

Recently, many industrial companies have started integrating Raspberry Pi into their equipment and facilities. The company reports that the industrial and embedded sectors account for 72% of its sales.

Raspberry Pi has sold 60 million units since its launch. In 2023 alone, Raspberry Pi generated $266 million in revenue and $66 million in gross profit.

Publicly listed Raspberry Pi Ltd is the commercial subsidiary of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which wants to make it easier to learn programming through low-cost, programmable computers. It remains the majority shareholder in Raspberry Pi Ltd.

The company’s other strategic shareholders include Arm and Sony Semiconductor Solutions, a Sony subsidiary that makes smartphone image sensors and other components. Arm previously announced that it intends to increase its stake in Raspberry Pi through a public listing.

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