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Rabbit partners with ElevenLabs to offer voice commands for its devices

Hardware manufacturer Rabbit has partnered with ElevenLabs to provide voice commands for its devices. After attracting a lot of attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the beginning of the year, Rabbit will launch its first r1 device next month.

The Rabbit r1 will feature technology from ElevenLabs that will allow users to issue voice commands and how the pocket-sized AI device talks to them. At launch, the feature will be available in English only, with one voice option. ElevenLabs says that while r1 is ready for voice interaction from the start, the company’s low-latency model will make interactions more human-like.

“We’re partnering with Rabbit to bring the future of human-computer interaction closer. Our collaboration is about making R1 a truly dynamic co-pilot,” ElevenLabs CEO Mati Staniszewski said in a prepared statement.

In January, Rabbit said it would use Perplexity AI’s solutions to answer users’ questions on their devices.

Earlier this week, Rabbit said that the first batch of its $199 r1 will ship on March 31 and will be in the hands of users within a few weeks. The company says users will be able to interact with the chatbot, get answers from Perplexity, use two-way translation, order rides and food, and play music from the device right out of the box.

The company’s chief executive, Jesse Lyu, told a StrictlyVC event earlier this month that rabbit’s device orders are approaching 100,000.

ElevenLabs achieved unicorn status earlier this year after raising $80 million in Series B funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, former GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, and entrepreneur Daniel Gross. The company has been focused on providing voice cloning services for creating audiobooks, movie and TV show voiceovers, commercials and video game characters. Recently, Indian audio platform PocketFM, which raised $103 million from Lightspeed, said it is using ElevenLabs’ services to let creators convert their works into audio series.

But ElevenLabs has also faced its fair share of criticism, with users trying to trick banks’ authentication systems, 4chan users impersonating celebrities, and journalists documenting the ease with which voice clones can be set up to generate questionable content. The startup has launched a tool to detect speech created by its platform and is also developing a tool to detect synthesized audio and distribute it to third parties.

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