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Possibly the best puzzle game in years hits Game Pass today

“Mankind arrived today” is the kind of hyperbole a US President might utter when signing off on a new space program. I’m afraid my words wouldn’t be quite so pointed, but regardless, “Mankind arrived today”. It’s on Xbox Game Pass. However, that doesn’t make it any less important, as not paying attention could see you miss out on one of the best, and arguably the most profound, puzzle games in decades. So don’t do it.

Humanity has been circulating on Meta Quest 3 for a while now and on Steam for a couple of weeks, but it’s arriving on Microsoft’s game subscription service today, and if you’re even remotely interested in great puzzle games, you should download it.

On the surface, Humankind looks a bit like a 3D version of the classic 16-bit puzzle game Lemmings. Your response would be “Oh, no!” If you’ve played Lemmings, you’ll understand. In Lemmings, you had to guide groups of adorable rodents to safety, and in Humankind, you have to do the same thing, but with humans.

But leaving it there would be a huge disservice to gaming journalism, and it’s not just gaming journalism that I’m concerned with. Humanity is much more than lemmings and people.

You control a Shiba Inu (the dog, not the meme coin) and must lead humanity to safety across the increasingly vicious levels and existential threats they face.

Unlike lemmings, your humans will eventually fight hostile humans and lose lives. You must think of a way, and act quickly, to keep as many of them alive as possible.

Humankind’s art style – a low-polygon physics-based setting – is a perfect fit for the artistic approach the game is striving for, while also breaking through the technical barriers of moving hundreds or even thousands of people on the screen at once.

Oh, I can’t rate it highly enough, but you should definitely go play it when it comes out on Game Pass later today.

While you wait, you can go pick up Lords of the Fallen, which also landed on Game Pass today and is now live.

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