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Pokémon Go 2024 update: new features, avatars and graphics

Pokémon Go has announced a far-reaching update that includes new features, avatars, graphics, and more.

After eight years of development, Pokémon Go has introduced a wealth of new features, seasons, events and regions in a wide range of updates. For veterans of the AR game, this provides enough new content to last a long time.

In a trailer that encourages fans to “Rediscover GO!,” Niantic outlines what Pokémon Go players have to look forward to ahead of its initial release on April 17. Features will be rolled out gradually through May 7th. There is no need to take any action if you have automatic updates turned on, as new content will be downloaded automatically as it becomes available.

Previously, Niantic announced a series of updates to various Pokémon games at this year’s Pokémon Presents.

What does the Pokémon Go update include?

The first wave of updates released is an update to how you can customize your avatar in Pokémon Go. The classic look remains, but more detailed avatar options and a style store allow players to adjust their in-game appearance to their liking.

The surrounding environments have also been revamped, with fresh graphics that bring landscapes such as woods, snow, mountains, and oceans to life. The encounter and combat screens also get a new look, with a redesign that gives every corner of the game a fresh look.

What’s more, the game returns to Kanto again, with Pokémon found in specific biomes. Niantic promises that the new locations will be home to special Pokémon, although details on those specific features are unclear. No new Pokémon are specifically mentioned, so it’s possible these special versions are alternate versions of the same creatures we know and love.

Once you’ve found them, an upgrade to Go’s snap feature means you’ll be able to include three Pokémon in a single photo, creating new options for your in-game snap library.

Featured image: Niantic

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