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Playable ads make biggest splash in gaming apps

Mobile growth accelerator Liftoff recently released its latest Mobile Ad Creativity Index, which reveals findings on ad effectiveness across various mobile platforms, including games. According to Liftoff’s report, playable ads are one of the biggest draws for gaming apps and are 20 times more likely to be installed than standard banner ads. The report also says that longer video ads with a better user experience are more likely to deliver a return on investment.

As part of its data collection, Liftoff analyzed more than 600 billion ad impressions and 144 million installs. In addition to advertising types, the report also examines marketing types, including user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing. They also saw a 355% year-over-year increase in spend on longer ads or ads with multiple layers, such as playable elements, video and a final call-to-action.

For games in particular, reports show that user acquisition trends tend to follow those of the games themselves. The report shows that mini-game-based playable ads are among the most effective tools, although native and banner ads still generate the highest ROI over time. Liftoff recommends adding leaderboards to playable ads to attract a more competitive audience.

One major change, the report says, is generative artificial intelligence. AI-based tools can help make ad production more efficient, allowing studios to generate images and new copy at scale while speeding up localization and adding engaging voiceovers. Aidan Quest, senior director of genAI at Liftoff, said in a statement: “When it comes to creativity, it’s all about efficiency. Leverage Gen AI for faster, more scalable creative ideation and production. On the business side, AI automation can help you Give sales and operations teams the information they need faster than ever before.”

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