Pepe is currently ranked number one among Ethereum tokens on DEXTools, with the number of holders now exceeding 200,000. It has a market cap of almost $3 billion – what’s next for the top meme coin?

Currently trading just above the $0.0000071 pivot point, investors are keeping a close eye on potential bullish signals above that level, or a new bearish trend if it falls below. Let’s take a deeper look at the latest Pepe price predictions.

Pepe Price Faces Turmoil Amid Uncertainty in Crypto Markets

Compared to the price surge between April 5 and 8, the Pepe coin witnessed a minor pullback and was rejected at the $0.0000080 resistance level.

This decline resulted in Pepe tokens being slightly in the red this week, while Bitcoin is back below $70,000 today.

Part of the selling bias may be related to the period of uncertainty brought about by the Bitcoin halving in April – some traders expected a “sell-off news” decline after the halving.

Binance enhances loan services, affecting Pepecoin valuation

Binance has updated its lending services to add Pepe coins and more, which may affect the price of Pepe in the near future.

Pepe Coin Listed on BinancePepe Coin Listed on Binance

  • PepeCoin gains exposure as a new Binance Loan asset.
  • Binance’s flexible-rate loans may increase Pepe’s appeal.
  • Binance’s customized services may affect Pepe’s global influence.

Binance’s expansion into loanable assets such as Pepe Coin represents a strategic move to capitalize on current market interest and could lead to increased trading activity.

With Binance Lending (Flexible Rate), users get the advantage of borrowing and lending on their holdings at variable interest rates while earning rewards.

Pepe Price Prediction

Pepe’s pivot point is located at $0.0000071 and serves as a benchmark for traders to gauge market sentiment. If the coin’s price remains above this point, it indicates a bullish or positive outlook, but if it falls below this point, the outlook is bearish, indicating that the price may fall.

  • Key levels to watch include immediate resistance points (prices at which selling pressure could cause the price to fall): $0.0000074, $0.0000076, and $0.0000079.
  • Conversely, support levels (where buying interest may increase) are $0.0000070, $0.0000067, and $0.0000064.

A break below support could signal a buying opportunity, while a break above resistance could lead to further gains.

Pepe Price PredictionPepe price prediction
Pepe Coin Price Prediction – Source: Tradingview

EMA provides a smooth price trend over a period of time. Since the EMA is above the current price, this could mean that Pepe Coin is in a short-term downtrend, with an ascending trendline supporting the price around $0.0000069.

In conclusion, Pepe Coin is exhibiting a bearish trend below the $0.0000072 EMA and if it exceeds this level, traders may consider a bullish stance.For live updates and further insights, Pepe Coin enthusiasts can follow their Official Twitter Or visit their website.

In addition to Pepe coins, lower market cap meme coins may offer more short-term upside, such as Slothana ($SLOTH), a promising newcomer to the meme coin space.

Slotana ($SLOTH); pre-sale momentum strong

Slothana, which blends the charm of a sloth-themed token with the Solana blockchain, is attracting attention with its pre-sale.

Inspired by viral predecessor Slerf, Slothana’s team is rumored to overlap with the developers of Smog, another popular Solana meme coin.

The simplicity of the pre-sale is compelling, focusing solely on meme appeal and speculative growth rather than complex token economics.

In just one day, the pre-sale attracted more than 3,500 SOL, which is approximately $650,000, at an exchange rate of $10,000 SLOTH per SOL.

Two weeks later, a staggering $10 million has been raised, according to the project Twitter Preparations are currently underway for launch.


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