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Palworld new patch notes: Meet the first raid boss

Palworld has launched an extensive new patch, introducing the game’s first Raid boss as well as new items, ranch additions, and more.

The new patch, which launched on Steam yesterday (April 3) (no release date for the patch has yet been confirmed on Xbox), has been highly anticipated since its release in March, with fans keen to learn more about the game’s new raids. There was a lot of publicity. Given Palworld’s unprecedented success during the launch of GamePass, Xbox owners certainly won’t have to wait too long.

Raid Boss Pals cannot be captured like most mobs in the game, but they have a chance to drop Pal Eggs after a successful fight. For players craving an extra challenge, there’s also an “extreme” version of the Raid Boss fight.

Some other highlights of the patch include the addition of an automated ore mining site, some new utility items like the Homeward Thundercloud that can teleport you home, and ability glasses that show you your Pal’s stats. Something every player will appreciate has also been revised: negative companion status will be resolved after the companion spends some time in the companion box (I’m sure this is a good thing, despite how dystopian it sounds).

Players will also appreciate the new quality-of-life improvements the patch brings, such as treasure chest filters and relaxed building placement rules. Palworld is currently 10% off on Steam for $26.99.

Here is the full list of additions, tweaks and balance changes added in Palworld patch v0.2.0.6

new content

  • Implemented the first Raid Boss
  • You can use tablets on the new summoning altar to summon Raid Boss Pals
  • Raid Boss Pals summoned by stone slabs are extremely powerful and cannot be captured. Fight alongside your base companions against these powerful enemies.
  • Pals Eggs will drop after defeating the Raid Boss Pals.
  • The “extreme” version of the Raid Boss is extremely powerful and difficult to defeat
  • Added new “Training Manual” item. These playbooks allow you to provide experience points to your friends.
  • Added new item “Handbook of Ancient Technology”. This manual provides you with ancient technology points that can be found randomly in dungeon chests.
  • Added new “Recovery Medicine” item. Using these medicines will slowly restore your HP over time.
  • A new item “Returning Thunder Cloud” has been added. When used, this item will instantly move you to the nearest base.
  • Added new item “Ability Glasses”. When equipped, you can see Parr’s stats.
  • New attribute enhancement items have been added: “Strength Fruit, Life Fruit, and Stout Fruit”. These items will increase Parr’s statistics when used.
  • Added new passive “Mercy Blow”. Companions with this passive cannot reduce enemy health below 1 when attacking.
  • Added new item “Ring of Mercy”. While wearing this ring, the enemy’s HP will not be reduced below 1 when attacking.
  • New armor “Multi-Weather Singlet” added. Protect yourself from the heat and cold with just one slot!
  • A new building “Electric Incubator” has been added. The incubator consumes electricity to automatically adjust the temperature to the optimal temperature for each egg.
  • Added new building “Ore Mining Site”. This mining farm allows you to produce ore from the comfort of your base!

good friend

  • Kelpsea can now produce Pal Fluids on pasture
  • Dumud can now produce high quality par oil on pasture
  • You can now reduce the weight of metal ores while riding Surfent Terra
  • Increased the amount of ore dropped when riding Astygon
  • You can now use the Pal Essence Condenser to level up your Pal to the max with a single crafting. (Condensation progress is now accumulated in personal companions)
  • Negative friend status will now be resolved after spending time in the friend box

user interface

  • When aiming at a sphere, it now displays how many target companions have been captured
  • You can now view all your friends’ buddy skill cooldowns on the home screen
  • Equipment and item stats can now be seen on the technology screen even if you haven’t unlocked them first
  • Tutorial has been improved and renamed “Journey”
  • You can now show/hide Journey in game options
  • The damage number display size can be changed in the game options. (In Raid Boss fights, the damage numbers tend to overlap a lot and can be hard to see, so we recommend resizing)


  • Items dropped on dedicated servers after a player dies can now be picked up by anyone 24 hours after real time has passed
  • Added new “Sleeping” player emote (edited)

Base related

  • You can now allow/disable certain jobs for base partners at the Monitoring Station
  • Added chest filter.Select the types of items that are allowed or prohibited from entering the chest
  • Crafted items are now shipped from crafting facilities.Selecting “Allow Transport” when crafting will cause friends to transport these items into the chest upon completion
  • You can now edit your character’s appearance at any time using the Antique Dresser
  • Building and building component placement rules have been relaxed
  • You can now connect stairs facing upwards
  • Roof parts can now be connected directly to the foundation
  • Triangular walls can now be connected to stairs
  • You can now force friends to work and cancel their rest by picking them up and throwing them towards facilities (Friends recover their SAN while resting, so be careful!)
  • The fixed allocation remains fixed even if an adverse event occurs.Previously, some assignments would change based on certain conditions, but now they will remain fixed unless a friend is placed in a friend box

Balance adjustment

  • Various armors have added minimal heat and cold resistance. You will no longer have to take off your heat-resistant armor when it gets cold at night in the starting area!
  • Reduce button press time in incubator
  • Changed Jomuntide Ignis’ pattern to a more unique pattern
  • Added legendary blueprints for some guns (dropped from specific enemies)
  • Fixed diamond selling price
  • In single player, it is no longer possible to select the initial spawn point for multiplayer
  • Block off the back of the starting area with rocks to prevent players from getting lost or stuck
  • The attack power multiplier of partner skills that increase the player’s attack power while riding has been reduced from 2.0 to 1.2.
  • Eggs now have a small chance of producing an alpha partner
  • Flying and floating companions are now immune to falling damage
  • Store price adjustment

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where treasure chests would become empty while waiting to die in dungeons
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of increasing player attack power would accumulate repeatedly under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving loot when capturing a friend while riding
  • Adjusted the health value of legendary companions, and fixed the problem that the health values ​​of captured legendary companions and cultivated legendary companions were too different.
  • Fixed an issue with Parr eating while riding.
  • Fixed an issue where orbs thrown at wild companions would not hit and be lost


  • Improved various Pal models and textures
  • Added and adjusted some sound effects
  • Many other minor bug fixes

Private server

  • Fixed issue with sorting in server list not working
  • Improved server list to allow page transitions
  • Dedicated servers now support various log outputs
  • Implement REST API
  • *Please see technical guide for details

Prevent cheating

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Steam account spoofing
  • Fixed 7 other critical bugs


  • A new song has been added to the soundtrack. If you already purchased the soundtrack, please update and enjoy the new songs!

Featured image credit: Pocket Pair

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