When you sign up for a new social network, you have zero friends, zero followers, and zero likes. But as you start posting content, you’ll likely get more and more likes and comments. This may bring in new followers. The increase in dopamine encourages you to post more content. A new app called Palmsy is trying to act as social media methadone, letting you post anything and get likes.

But the problem is that no one can see these posts.

You can publish as many posts as you want. The app even lets you add photos to your posts. But you are sending these posts into the void. Developer Pat Nakajima said on Threads that no post leaves your device and all likes are fake.

Palmsy welcome screen

Image Source: Parsi

This free app, available for iPhone and iPad, essentially reads your contact list and assigns fake likes to posts. When the application reads your contact information, the contact information is not sent to the server since all posts are local.

“It’s fun to see likes from people you haven’t thought about in years. It can also be used to delete some contacts you may no longer need,” Nakajima writes in the app’s FAQ section .

Palmsy touch screen

Palmsy shows you contacts who have “liked” your posts Image Source: Parsi

In addition to viewing your contacts, you can also use the app as a personal diary or even a place to delete bad puns from your system – no one will judge you. up to you.

The developers recently updated the app to add some advanced options that allow you to limit the number of likes on a specific post and how long you want the likes to last: seconds, minutes, hours, or days.

There are several limited-time apps that try to help in reducing social media addiction. Some developers also release very basic apps to make silly posts without any consequences.

In 2018, former Google Reader product manager Jason Shellen relaunched the Brizzly website, which lets you type anything into a text box and hit send. These posts go nowhere and you can’t even see them once you hit send.

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