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Oura launches new labs section to test new features

Smart ring maker Oura has introduced a new section in its app called Oura Labs for testing new features and getting user feedback. As part of the rollout (currently only available on iOS), the company is launching Symptom Radar, which tracks strain markers on your body to detect the onset of changes in your health.

Oura said the symptom radar will monitor biometric signals such as body temperature range, respiratory rate, resting heart rate and heart rate variability.

Oura has a new experimental feature called Symptom Radar

Image Source: Oura

This feature attempts to watch for sudden changes in your body. It will display notifications about changes in your symptoms under your Readiness Score so you can take breaks when needed. The company says that if users enable this feature, they will not receive notifications for rest mode.

The company says the rest mode prompts are universal, while the new symptom radar prompts are more detailed and focused in nature. However, the company notes that Symptom Radar is not a diagnostic tool and users should not rely on it for medical guidance.

Shyamal Patel, Oura’s head of science, told TechCrunch on the phone that the company’s R&D department regularly releases features for internal testing.

“Oura Labs is our way of re-engaging with our users internally for new features in a structured and formal way. With this feature, you will have a dedicated space within the app where you can start participating in what we are building These are new concepts. Users will see many early-stage ideas at Oura Labs,” said Patel.

He noted that the company has made it easy to opt in and out of this experimental space at any time. Oura Labs allows users to provide direct feedback on these experimental features as well as general feedback on the product.

Last month, Oura began selling its ring on Amazon, after selling the device on in April 2023.

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