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OpenAI’s search engine may be coming to us next week

According to reports, OpenAI’s planned search engine competitor will be launched as soon as Monday next week (May 13).

Reuters said that two people familiar with the matter have given Monday as a possible date for the announcement, but it is important to note that this is not set in stone and may change at the last minute.

OpenAI faces stiff competition from Claude and Copilot in the artificial intelligence space, so diversifying into real-time search seems like a natural expansion. However, as companies like Bezos-backed Perplexity and tech giant Google explore artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search, OpenAI’s workload will be ready for them.

There was speculation that Monday’s announcement was a deliberate attempt by OpenAI to divert attention from Google’s annual I/O conference, which begins on Tuesday and is sure to feature the latest developments in artificial intelligence technology that Google has been working on, as well as information from Google. Other news. California-based company.

What is OpenAI Search?

We know very little about what OpenAI’s search competitor will look like or how it will work, as the company itself has yet to make any official announcements. However, we can make some educated guesses.

According to an insider, the search application will combine Microsoft Bing’s search engine capabilities with ChatGPT to generate deeper search results with more context and additional information. Replies can include quotes from other sites such as Wikipedia, as well as incorporate images and diagrams where appropriate.

For example, if you search for “how to clean a U-bend in a sink,” results might include blog posts on the topic, diagrams of how to unscrew pipes, and step-by-step guides. Future improvements to the algorithm may be expanded to include things like contextual information (such as how to find the faucet).

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