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No Man’s Sky Orbital Update 4.6 brings a newly revamped space station

No Man’s Sky, like Cyberpunk 2077, is a rarity in gaming in that it was ridiculed upon launch but is now highly regarded in gaming and can rival the best of the past decade. games comparable.

This was unthinkable when it launched in 2016, and the Hello Games team stuck to the task, working tirelessly to craft and shape it into the game that was promised.

Now we’ve received another frequent and massive update, bringing the game to v4.6. The game, called No Man’s Sky Orbit, features a massive makeover of the space station and a host of new starship customizations.

There’s a ton of other content in the patch, but here’s what we’re really interested in.

As with all NMS updates, we don’t have to wait, they launch as soon as they are announced, so you can jump in and start this one right away. Let’s go load it now.

What’s new in No Man’s Sky Orbital 4.6

space station

  • The space station has been completely overhauled and updated.
  • Station exteriors now feature a host of procedurally generated shapes and colors, and are also on a much larger scale.
  • The space station interior is now procedurally generated.
  • The interior of the space station now has extensive lighting and visual changes.
  • Station interior designs now reflect competition from local system authorities.
  • Each key space station merchant and interaction has been visually refreshed.
  • Players can now use the quick menu on a space station to switch between docked ships, provided the ship has functioning launch thrusters.

Starship customization

  • A new interaction has been added to the space station, the Starship Builder.
  • The Builder allows you to build your own custom fighter, transport or explorer starship.
  • When salvaging a ship, the process can now target specific visual effects, such as specifically recovering wings or thruster arrays. These harvested parts can then be combined to create an entirely new ship.
  • Purchase a starship reactor from the space station technology merchant to determine the statistics and level of your new starship.
  • Manufacturers also allow you to choose unique colors and paint styles for your new boat.
  • Starships salvaged from the wild or purchased from other pilots benefit from Universal Certification, giving them bonuses for their future trade-in value.

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