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Nintendo Switch Online’s SNES library gets these 3 games

It may still be a while before the final release of the Nintendo Switch 2, but Nintendo HQ is giving us plenty to eat in the meantime, as it beefs up the Super Nintendo Online retro library with three new games.

What games are coming to the Super Nintendo library for Nintendo Switch Online?

Technically, some of these games are from the Super Famicon (the original Japanese console before the Super Nintendo), so we got to see some hidden gems, including Wrecking Crew ’98 – a sequel to the original NES game – and Amazing Hebereke , a fighting game that was a spin-off of Sunsoft’s 1994 Hebereke and IREM’s Super R-Type, which originally debuted on the Super Nintendo in 1991.

Wrecked Crew ’98

Based on descriptions from Nintendo’s library, we have some insight into what these games will actually be. Wrecking Crew ’98 is described as “an action-puzzle game previously only released in Japan.”

Cover image from the box of Wrecking Crew '98 for Super NintendoCover image from the box of Wrecking Crew '98 for Super Nintendo

“In this game you can play the original Wrecking Crew or the updated version Wrecking Crew ’98, each with its own challenges and puzzles to solve,” the description reads. “Play as Mario in Wrecking Crew and fight your way through 100 levels, dodging enemies and knocking down walls and ladders.”

Amazing Herbric

Amazing Hebereke, meanwhile, invites players to “engage in cute and chaotic battles in single-player mode or Versus mode for up to four players. Mode.”

Amazing Herboric coverAmazing Herboric cover

“Choose your character and fight in a stage filled with items and traps to exploit (or fall victim to)! Unleash your character’s special attacks and try to be the last one standing,” the description adds .

Super Type R

The Super R-Type on the SNES cover image shows a giant space monster attacking a spaceshipThe Super R-Type on the SNES cover image shows a giant space monster attacking a spaceship

Third, Super R-Type invites us to participate in a new “galactic war,” as “the evil BYDO empire of mutated aliens returns and prepares to launch a new attack on Earth.”

“Only the revolutionary R-9, the most advanced form of defense on Earth, can stop it and its certain doom,” the description reads. “Fight enemies with advanced firepower through seven challenging stages before taking on powerful level bosses – pick up power-ups as you progress.”

Hopefully these new games will temporarily satisfy our appetite for Nintendo – or, if nothing else, distract us from the fact that the latest Switch game, Princess Peach Showtime, has been leaked.

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