Netflix and Roblox have announced that they are partnering to create a digital theme park called “Nextworld Universe” where players can get exclusive experiences themed around some of Netflix’s most popular shows.

“Once you enter Nextworld, your central hub in the Netflix universe, you can dive deeper into your favorite series and movies,” Netflix said in a statement. The series includes popular shows such as “Stranger Things”, “One Piece”, “Cobra Kai”, and movies like this rebel moonand make more plans for the future.

“Think: a digital theme park filled with characters, Easter eggs, and games,” continues the post.In addition to exploring digital worlds, players can immerse themselves in immersive games including “Stranger Things: Escape from Hawkins High School”, “One Piece: East Blue Brawl”and Rebel Moon: Suburban Combat.

Characters in the game will also act as NPC (non-player characters) area guardians and even help guide players through missions in some cases.including dustin stranger thingsLuffy comes from pieceand jimmy from rebel moon.

There will also be other competing mini-games, such as Netflix hits Is it a cake? Players will try to determine if something is a cake.There will also be a cobra kai Karate game. These mini-games will have leaderboards so players can compete for high scores.

There will also be collectibles, wearables and cosmetics, plus players will have a private area called a “Fan Pod” to decorate and share with friends. Players also get free user-generated content.

When will the Nextworld universe be launched?

The digital theme park will launch in “early access” on May 9, though Netflix hasn’t yet said what that means and how it differs from a full launch.

They also previewed future events and exclusive content, with an exclusive Jurassic World: Chaos Theory premiere and limited-time event launching at the theme park on May 17.

Roblox seems to be hoping this massive release of new content will keep players engaged and distract from the in-game video billboards added last month.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Roblox

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