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New Strategy War Game Kingdoms, Dungeons & Heroes Brings Tabletop Gaming Atmosphere to Steam Next Fest

While the sight of hexagonal tiles might scare off a lot of gamers, if you prefer more traditional war games, or even miss the days when Civilization IV and V ruled the gaming world, then Kraken Studios’ latest release might be right up your alley.

Kingdoms, Dungeons & Heroes is a fantasy strategy game of exploration and conquest. The game’s hexagonal map brings the feel of a board game to the PC, where players must manage their economy, develop their armies, conduct research, engage in diplomacy, embark on adventures, and battle against the game’s multiple rival kingdoms. Whether your interest lies in conquest, adventuring, or building, Kingdoms, Dungeons & Heroes offers a variety of different ways to play.

The graphics may not be Unreal Engine 5, but you’re talking to people who play Dwarf Fortress, and I’m excited!

Even more exciting is that we’ll be getting a demo at Steam Next Fest on June 10th, followed by the official release of the game on July 1st.

Initially you’ll play six different scenarios as you explore the map, and once you’ve completed them your playtime won’t be affected at all, as there’s a full editor in the game that allows you to put together your own maps, monsters and heroes, so personalizing your own campaign has never been easier. There’s even a mode for playing via email, giving you the ultimate old-school wargaming experience.

So grab the demo when it’s released, and we’ll let you know what we think when we get our hands on it for real.

Kingdoms, Dungeons and Heroes Features

  • READY TO PLAY: Challenge a friend in PBEM co-op or test your skills against a computer opponent.
  • Risk and Reward: Negotiate alliances with other kingdoms, or enforce your will by the sword.
  • Test the Waters: Hidden Fleet will test your skills in fending off pirates, interception, and evasion.
  • Acts of Treason: Send your heroes on missions to hunt down your kingdom’s greatest enemies.
  • Be ready anytime, anywhere: Invite friends to join your campaign using the game’s multiplayer mode, using traditional email game format to remind players when it’s their turn.

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