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New Fallout 4 mod revisits the best games in the series

A new mod brings the best of the fan-favorite Fallout 2, first launched in 1998, to the latest version of the series.

Dubbed Project Arroyo, the new mod completely recreates the iconic RPG and adopts the gameplay style of the 2015 open-world RPG. While the mechanics, movement, and lighting remain in Fallout 4, the style and locations from Fallout 2 are faithfully rendered.

As is often the case, the two regular versions of a game don’t have much in common. Although set in the same universe, Fallout 2 tended to use a darker color scheme in its post-apocalyptic adventure, while Fallout 4 was more relaxed in comparison. Where Fallout 2 also had sections presented from an isometric perspective, as well as turn-based combat, Fallout 4 is viewed from the player character’s first- or third-person perspective.

Return to Fallout 2 with the Project Arroyo mod

Still, many fans miss the days of Fallout 2 – and now Project Arroyo means you can completely relive it and its place in Fallout 4. A two-minute trailer shows off some of the first areas to be tackled, highlighting just how much has been achieved.

For example, the Aztec appearance of the Temple of Trials has been completely replicated, and the large boulders in the game’s starting area have also returned.

While these locations are rendered with great attention to detail, Fallout 4’s lighting engine does seem a bit at odds with some of Fallout 2’s grittier style.

Inserting the previous game into the fourth also reveals the game’s progress in scale, with Fallout 2’s locations appearing much smaller on more modern maps.

A release date for Project Arroyo has yet to be confirmed, but there are several important dates on the Fallout calendar that could coincide with the mod’s release. For example, the Fallout TV show will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on April 12, 2024. While the mod may not be finished that early, the release of the trailer suggests we can probably expect more news in the coming months.

Featured Image: Building VOD via IGDB

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