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New F-Zero game coming to Switch Online this week

F-Zero is still a Nintendo franchise and many people wanted to see it rebooted, but nothing happened. However, at least we have F-Zero 99 to play on the Nintendo Switch when we don’t want to play the other famous racing game, Mario Kart.

F-Zero was a phenomenon back in the day on the Super Nintendo and is still beloved today. There have been a few newer versions along the way, and now we have the F-Zero 99 as a nod to the old school, but every new addition to the racing back catalog is welcome.

F-Zero: Max Speed ​​will launch on Switch Online this week, returning to the Game Boy Advance for the first time.

Nintendo announces upcoming launch Official X account:

“Calling all speed demons!

Game Boy Advance classic F-Zero: Maximum Speed ​​is coming to #NintendoSwitchOnline + Expansion Pack this Friday 29/03! “

The arrival of F-Zero Advance means we now have three of the four major games on Switch, the original, F-Zero X on N64, and now this one. So at some point, we’ll probably get the missing Gamecube game F-Zero-X to complete our collection (we don’t own it since they’re part of the subscription service, but hey).

At the same time, F-Zero 99 is also getting a new mode and some updates. Steering assist will appear as a feature for those who have trouble taking turns, as the game will also get a new practice mode so that you can Hone your abilities. techniques without the risk of losing a real race on an unfamiliar track. In terms of new content, League of Knights will get a new mirror mode Grand Prix. This mode will be coming to the King and Queen League at some point in the future.

All in all, if you’re an F-Zero fan, get ready for Friday.

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