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Mistral AI launches first-ever coding LL.M. program, with mastery in 80 programming languages

Mistral AI has confirmed the launch of Codestral, its first LLM designed to assist developers in writing code.

The French, Amazon-backed company is known for its Mistral and Mixtral language models, but Codestral looks set to raise the bar even higher. It’s trained on more than 80 programming languages, including Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Bash, Swift, and Fortran, and dates back to 1957.

The program is taught in English and LLMs will be able to complete coding tasks, write assignments, and use a “shim” mechanism to work on parts of the code. For companies and developers using Codestral, the program can also reduce the risk of bugs and vulnerabilities in the code.

Valuation £6 billionMistral AI was founded just over a year ago and hasOpenAI’s European competitors

In the official blog post, the generative AI model used to code is described as “open weights,” but this may be controversial. The license prohibits Codestral from using it for any commercial purposes, but there is a “development” clause, with an additional condition that the clause states that “no internal use by employees in the course of company business activities is permitted.”

Codestral’s Benchmark Performance Is Encouraging

Mistral compared Codestral 22B to CodeLlama 70B, DeepSeek Coder 33B, and Llama 3 70B. Codestral deploys fewer parameters, but it seems to perform well on Python, SQL, and other programming languages ​​based on various benchmarks conducted. It also has a larger 32k context window.

Although Mistral AI is just getting started in the field of artificial intelligence, it has already made an impressive impression. In addition to gaining support from Amazon, Microsoft also inked a deal with the company in February to use its models on the Azure platform. The deal also enables Azure AI Studio customers to take advantage of Mistral Large, the most powerful and advanced product launched by the French startup.

If you want to learn more about Codestral, please navigate to Lechatand in the prompt box, press the “Model” drop-down menu and select Codestral.

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