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Minecraft gets animated series on Netflix

Netflix, the global streaming service, has announced a new animated series based on the world of Minecraft. The news comes as developer Mojang celebrates the 15th anniversary of the block-building game.

“As we wrap up our 15-day 15th anniversary celebration, we have more exciting news to share with you. Hold on to your party hats,” the release reads.

Minecraft x Netflix

WildBrain, a studio known for the likes of Sonic Leader, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rise of the Dragon, and Carmen Santiago, is currently working on bringing the adaptation to the screen.

The trailer shows a creeper spitting at the screen before a lava-filled cave environment opens up to Netflix’s iconic “N.” The entire scene is pixelated in Minecraft, with 8-bit bats flying overhead and rivers of lava filling the environment.

This version of the popular multiplayer online building game will feature all-new characters and “reflect the world in a whole new light,” according to a Minecraft release.

Over the past few weeks, the game has been celebrated on all platforms it’s available on. Even Google released a searchable version of the world-building game to mark its 15th anniversary.

Google then set up a series of clickable breadcrumbs for users, showing a number of Minecraft-themed illustrations. The Bedrock Market in the Minecraft game also offered free skins and items every day during the two-week block celebration.

Meanwhile, Mojang is keeping tight-lipped about the release date of the much-anticipated V1.21 patch update. Players old and new alike are always looking forward to the new biomes, decorations, and tools that the update will bring. The game will include new blocks and mobs, which will open up a variety of building options.

These blocks include:

  • Craftsman: A new redstone-powered automated crafting station
  • Trial Generator: Trial Generator will spawn enemies and reward you with loot
  • Copper Bulb: A new light source block with copper trim

New mobs include:

  • Armadillos: You’ll find armadillos in warm biomes, and if you kill them they’ll drop tough armored skin that you can use to craft your own defensive suit.
  • Breeze: Breeze is a purple creature with a head made of wind – a bit like a tornado. It deals explosive wind damage and drains your health.

Featured image: Mojang.

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