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Microsoft prepares to launch its own mobile app store

Microsoft announced this week that they plan to launch their own mobile gaming app store to compete with Apple and Google.

The store will be browser-based and initially focused on Microsoft’s own games. There will be discounts and promotions on in-game items for popular games like Candy Crush Saga. In the future, the tech giant will open its storefront to other publishers.

Xbox president Sarah Bond announced the store on Thursday, May 9, at the Bloomberg Technology Summit. She said the purpose of creating a browser-based store rather than an app was to ensure it was “accessible on all devices, in all countries.” Regardless, policies independent of closed ecosystem stores.

“We want to make sure we start with our own IP first and expand. This allows us to ensure that the experience we bring to our partners is truly built on all the qualities and experience we have as a team.”

Bond continued that Microsoft clearly has an opportunity to compete based on “a truly cross-device store — who you are, your library, your identity, your rewards travel with you, rather than being locked into a single ecosystem. in the system.”

Microsoft’s gaming division has been through some rough times lately, but still has a rich portfolio of games, including the most popular game of all time, Minecraft. The blocky sandbox game already has a mobile version, which Bond says could be an early addition to a planned storefront.

Competition in the mobile application market

Late last year, Google was found to have an unfair and illegal monopoly on Android apps. In a statement about the victory, Epic Games said: “Throughout the trial, we saw evidence that Google was willing to pay billions of dollars to kill alternative app stores by paying developers to abandon their stores and direct distribution programs and offer high-priced services” to sign lucrative deals with device manufacturers in exchange for excluding competing app stores.

“These deals were designed to solidify Google’s dominance as the only app store in town — and it worked. More than 95% of apps are distributed through the Play Store on Android.” Epic also mentioned Apple’s focus on Apple devices The “tether” of application distribution.

It looks like their three-year legal battle paved the way for other competitors to enter the mobile apps and games space, and Microsoft has never turned its nose up at the opportunity. It remains to be seen whether Google and Apple will reduce or eliminate the hefty fees they charge for App Store purchases, which currently account for 30% of sales, given the increased competition from the upcoming Microsoft App Store.

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