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Microsoft launches new test user interface for Xbox cloud gaming

Microsoft showed off a new test interface for Xbox cloud gaming, mimicking the console’s dashboard interface.

Instead of using a standalone app to chat with friends, Xbox Party Chat can now be used through a browser-based client, The Verge reports.

Xbox cloud gaming update

In a short video from The Verge’s Tom Warren, we explore the features of the new interface and address some issues that have arisen with existing parties and games.

Ending a game session for a game will not end Xbox Party chat through the interface. Even if players stop playing one game and jump into another, they can continue chatting with friends.

Warren estimates that in time, the interface will appear on virtual reality headsets and possibly even smart TVs. Microsoft has no official word on this, but it makes sense.

Xbox Wire also announced to PC gamers that the Xbox Game Center is now available for players.

Xbox Experience senior product manager Alex Charters reports on upcoming changes to Game Center. “Today, we’re excited to share that all PC gamers can now enjoy Game Center in the Xbox app on PC. Navigate to your library or any game in the sidebar to track your progress, discover the latest content and add-ons, connect and compete with your friends, and get the latest news from the developers.”

Charters also mentioned the April update for Xbox consoles. There will be a new soundbar mute option and One Drive notification when uploading game clips regarding low storage space.

The senior product manager also mentioned a “guest password” for setting restrictions on app and game installations on shared consoles. Charters says, “You can use a Guest Password to enable access restrictions and disable these new controls when a game or app is installed or uninstalled. Your guests will be prompted to enter a Guest Password to complete the activity. To view and adjust the new option, navigate to Settings > System > Restrictions.”

Microsoft is continuing to improve the console and PC products that benefit Game Pass subscribers. As we reported, the gaming giant launched a new console collaboration tool in a late February update, and there have been reports of a disc-less Xbox Series X since last month.

Image: Xbox.

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