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Microsoft finds workers exhausted, but AI is ready to help

A workplace study from Microsoft has revealed how employees feel about artificial intelligence (AI), with nearly two-thirds of employees saying they don’t have enough time or energy to get their jobs done.

The report compiles findings from 31,000 respondents in 31 countries and delves into “trillions of aggregated productivity signals across Microsoft 365, as well as labor market trends on LinkedIn.”

Microsoft’s 2023 Annual Work Trends Index, the fourth time the tech giant has conducted this poll, contains a wealth of useful information about how professionals view the contemporary workplace, with less than half of respondents worried about the impact of artificial intelligence on them. work has an impact. Employment security.

The report states that 75% of employees now use artificial intelligence in the workplace and view the technology as a great tool during times of stress and intensity, allowing them to focus on pressing tasks. Of those already using AI, 78% are said to have put their AI resources to work.

Workers are overwhelmed and exhausted

A key finding from the Work Trends Index is that employees feel inundated with information, with 62% saying they spend too much time scanning email and chatting for information, as well as communicating and organizing instead of working directly with others, and fulfilling Core Responsibilities. Two-thirds (66%) believe they do not have enough time and energy to fulfill their job responsibilities.

In addition to AI-related announcements, there’s also information about new Microsoft 365 Copilot features that rely on AI, as well as the option to pay for early access to AI copilot features in Office.

Microsoft highlighted three findings as key messages: “Digital debt hurts our innovation,” “A new AI employee alliance,” and “Every employee (needs) AI capabilities.”

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