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Microsoft Azure AI adds storage capabilities and support for large RAG applications

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Microsoft’s Azure AI Search becomes more affordable for developers building generative AI applications. While actual prices haven’t dropped, “significant increases in vector and storage capacity” have allowed the company to deliver more data per dollar. The cloud-based service has also expanded its retrieval system to now support applications from its partners and investments in OpenAI.

Azure AI Search, formerly known as Azure Cognitive Services, helps companies provide “accurate, hyper-personalized” responses in their AI applications.

Microsoft says the latest update will allow developers to scale their applications to “billions of vector indexes” in a single search without sacrificing speed or performance. It has 11 times more vector index size, 6 times more total storage, and doubles index and query throughput.

This offer is available to customers subscribing to Azure AI Search Basic and Standard plans in the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Norway, South Korea, Japan, Italy, India, France, Canada, Brazil, Asia Pacific and Australia.

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LLM is more flexible

For enterprise customers building on Azure AI Search, Microsoft is providing greater flexibility for external large language models. The company’s search enhancement generation system will now work with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, GPT, and its Assistant API. This means that every time someone runs a query or adds a file to one of these artificial intelligence products, Microsoft will now be the powerhouse.

This is a huge win for Microsoft, which notes that ChatGPT has 100 million visitors per week and more than 2 billion developers use its API to develop. There’s a huge opportunity for Microsoft’s Azure AI search to work here.

Today’s news is just one in a series of updates Microsoft is making throughout the AI ​​era. Over the years, Azure AI Search has received speech, search, language and security updates, support for private endpoints and managed identities, and more. The company has stepped up its efforts to ensure AI is safe and secure, such as launching new tools last month to protect LL.M.

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