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Messenger now lets you create shared albums, send HD photos, and share larger files

Messenger is rolling out the ability for users to create shared photo albums, send high-definition photos, and share larger files of up to 100MB in chats. With these new features, Messenger is targeting users who tend to create shared photo albums or share high-definition images through services like Google Drive.

Until now, users could only see a list of photos shared in a specific Messenger chat and couldn’t group or organize them in any way. Now, users can create photo and video albums in group chats, whether they’re compiling photos from a recent spring break or grandma’s 80th birthday celebration. To create an album in a group chat, you need to select multiple photos from the chat editor and click “Create Album.” You can also create an album by long-pressing on a photo in a chat. If you want to add photos to an existing album, you can click on the “Add to Album” option.

Everyone in the chat can view, add, delete, and download pictures and videos in the album. You can find photo albums by clicking the “Media” button in the chat. The introduction of shared photo albums is likely to be welcomed by users, as Meta’s other messaging services (WhatsApp and Instagram DMs) don’t offer this feature.

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As for the new HD photo sharing feature, users can now toggle the new “HD” option after selecting an image from the chat editor. You can click on other photos to send multiple photos in HD. The new feature comes as Meta launches support for HD photos on WhatsApp in September 2023.

Additionally, Messenger doesn’t want people to have to use email to send large files, as it now allows users to send Word, PDF, Excel, and zip files directly in chat. Users can do this by clicking the + button in the chat and then selecting a file on their device.

Messenger has also introduced the option for users to connect with others by scanning a QR code to chat with them on the app without having to enter their name or phone number.

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