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Meet the 2024 TC Early Stage Startup Pitch Finalists: ChargeBay, GovGPT, Ti´ker

The early stages of TechCrunch 2024 are gearing up to showcase the next wave of innovation. Among the finalists in the highly anticipated “So You Think You Can Pitch” segment are three groundbreaking startups ready to make their mark. The finalists represented fields ranging from social media to civic technology to sustainable energy solutions and beat out hundreds of startup applicants to this year’s program.

first of all Tickle, an exclusive social media platform that revolutionizes the way users engage in investment activities in real time. With an invitation-only model, Ti´ker provides a safe space for sharing and tracking investment trends, providing an unparalleled experience for financial enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Next on the list is GovernmentGPT, a game-changing software product designed to help municipalities harness the power of public feedback. GovGPT leverages cutting-edge natural language processing technology to enable cities, counties, and states to analyze large volumes of public input and extract valuable insights, paving the way for smarter decision-making and inclusive governance.

Completing the trio is Charging stand, a dynamic platform that connects users with private charging stations and owner benefits, leading the development of sustainable transportation solutions. With features such as dynamic pricing, subscriptions, and AI integration, ChargeBay is poised to revolutionize the EV charging landscape, providing convenience and accessibility to users while promoting environmental stewardship.

Set to take the stage at TechCrunch Boston 2024, these startups embody the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, ready to disrupt industries and shape the future of technology. With expert feedback and guidance from esteemed judges, these finalists are ready to demonstrate their potential and captivate audiences with their game-changing solutions.

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