Hidden code discovered within the Marvel Rivals website suggests NetEase’s hero shooter may be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Although the 6v6 multiplayer third-person shooter has only been officially confirmed as a PC game, a social media user named “Dreamz Gaming” said that some hidden code shows the logos of both consoles on the website’s homepage.

The April 9 post was titled: “Some hidden code has been discovered in the #MarvelRivals website that enables this feature. So far, only leakers have confirmed it will be coming to consoles, and now it’s official.”

But a day later, on April 10, Dreamz Gaming said: “I just checked and Marvel removed that part from the code. That doesn’t mean they weren’t working on it.”

Even though there’s no guarantee of its authenticity, it does follow what other online leakers have said before.

An X user named Miller Ross posted this at the end of March: “Marvel Rivals is coming to consoles. I was told it would be announced today, apparently not. But this has been confirmed by many people. I Be confident about it.”

The team behind the upcoming hero shooter has yet to confirm either rumor. “Marvel Rivals” is developed and published by NetEase Games in cooperation with Marvel Games.

What we know about Marvel’s antagonists so far

A series of leaks over the past few months have brought gamers and insiders to X to share their thoughts and spread rumors.

As far as confirmed, we know that a closed alpha version will be available in May. The Marvel Rivals account has posted about it multiple times and shared a link for fans to sign up.

Descriptions on the website can give fans more insight into what fans can expect.

In 2099, the ruthless conflict between the tyrannical dictator Doctor Doom and his future opponents forced countless universes to collide in the entanglement of time streams, creating new worlds and unknown crises.

“Now, superheroes and villains from across the multiverse must fight together and against each other as each different group attempts to defeat two Doomsdays before one can achieve domination of these realities.

“Familiar faces become new foes, and former foes become the greatest allies among Marvel’s adversaries!”

Featured Image: Marvel Rivals Official Website

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