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Marvel Rivals details emerge on social media ahead of official release

Marvel Rivals has gone viral on social media after a bunch of gameplay content was leaked.

With a trailer set to be released later today, the comic book giant will be unhappy that the new project is making headlines before the developer has officially introduced the game’s features to the world.

The only official announcement comes from Marvel Games, which teases the reveal will be at “8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET,” with the post saying “Evil experiments wreak unique havoc on the time stream. Who will be involved in this?” An epic showdown?”:

Marvel Rivals leaked on social media

Multiple users on X took to the social platform to spread leaks about the upcoming game’s slate. Spider-Man, Magneto and the Hulk all show up. User @BoujeeDaddy showed the hypothetical list:

So we know that the following superheroes will take part in this new arena fighting game:

    • Bruce Banner
    • Punisher
    • Loki
    • storm
    • Doctor Strange
    • mantis
    • rocket raccoon
    • black panther
    • Groot
    • magician
    • Luna Snow
    • iron Man
    • spiderman
    • Magneto

Twitter user @Sanchowest showed off an X banner for the upcoming shooter, which can also be seen in hibernationMarvel Rivals X Account:

The game is in the same vein as Overwatch, and according to multiple reports, the developer is likely to be NetEase Games, the company responsible for Marvel Super Wars. According to the developers, the game will be Marvel’s first multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

The comic book company recently announced Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra at this year’s Game Development Conference. The Epic Games event showcases games developed and produced in Unreal Engine 5.

The comic book game tells the story of Captain America, played by Steve Rodger, and the World War II version of Black Panther, the Azzuri, as they fight to overthrow the Axis powers in occupied Paris. It’s unclear which consoles will run the game, but it’s likely that it will require a powerful device to run the Unreal Engine-developed adventure game.

By comparison, Marvel Rivals appears to be a competitor in the mobile gaming market. Games like Valorant and Overwatch are growing in popularity, so this 6v6 arena game looks set to join the fray and challenge the established games that define the genre.

We’ll have all the details when the trailer releases later today, so stay tuned, true believers!

image: Marvel Games.

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