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Life360 launches flight landing notifications to alert friends and family

Home location service company Life360 has launched new notifications for its app, which will automatically alert friends and family when you arrive at your destination on a flight.

Life360 says the feature uses your phone’s sensors to measure location, altitude and speed to determine if you’re on a flight. Additionally, its algorithm can detect takeoff and landing times and alert the family when connected to the network after landing.

The company says the landing notification feature is a useful alternative to online flight trackers or waiting for travelers to send updates to their circles. The feature is enabled for all users with the latest app update and can be turned off via the “Flight Detection” switch in settings.

Life360, which has more than 66 million active users on its platform, said people in users’ circles who fly can see the plane icon as an exercise indicator – added to current activities such as walking, running, biking and cycling middle. drive.

CEO Chris Hulls told TechCrunch that the company wants to focus on security and protection updates for users’ inner circle. In comparison, Apple’s solution is very general, he said. In addition, he also pointed out that Life360 has the advantage of supporting both iOS and Android.

Hulls said the company plans to launch this year the new Tile product line, which it acquired for $205 million in 2021, without providing further details.

“We will create a unified hardware lineup that is much more powerful than Apple, across the board. We will have Bluetooth tags and GPS devices with LTE connectivity, which will be a more comprehensive service.”

Life360 will launch premium membership in Canada in 2022 and in the UK in 2023. This year, the company aims to expand paid membership to Australia.

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