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Lewis Hamilton plays classic PS1 games from his childhood

Lewis Hamilton may be a seven-time F1 champion, but there’s one challenge even he can’t overcome: Driver’s coaching phase. First released in 1999, this PS1 game was notorious for its extremely difficult tutorial stages.

Within a 90-second time limit, competitors must adapt to burnouts, 360-degree turns, 180-degree reverse turns, braking tests and one lap on the track. There’s also little room for messing up, as players are only allowed three at-bats in that time frame. This is a non-skippable tutorial, if you can’t complete it you won’t be able to progress further in the game.

In a video posted on the Mercedes-AMG F1 YouTube channel, Hamilton made several attempts to pass the first stage without success. First, he destroyed his car. Then, he ran out of time. “Damn, I can’t get past phase one,” he said.

Lewis Hamilton gets nostalgic

After trying Driver, Hamilton performed slightly better in other retro racing games like F1 2000 and Gran Turismo. “[It’s] “I love playing games because I remember playing F1 2000 and those games before that,” Hamilton shared.

“I think when I’ve been playing this game I’ve always played McLaren because I was signed by McLaren. So it’s always been like a dream to be in that car so I’ve always played, like gay Same as rice [Räikkönen],” he added.

Hamilton went on to share that his first gaming console was a Nintendo, although he once bought one for Christmas.

He recalled: “I remember I had this console; my parents put money into it [and] We bought this together as a Christmas present, but I wanted a new helmet. So we got the PlayStation back and I bought a new helmet, but I couldn’t afford paint, so my dad painted it. “

Considering where his career is now, it’s fair to say that Hamilton made the right choice with the helmet, though perhaps he would have been better on the serve had he kept his PS1.

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Featured Image: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team/YouTube

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