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LEGO 2K Drive comes to Xbox Game Pass

A Mario Kart-like LEGO 2K Drive is coming to Xbox Game Pass this month in brick form.

The popular racing sim became free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in December, and now its rival consoles are getting the Lego treatment.

People who sign up for Game Pass can download it title and build blocky vehicles seen only in their wildest dreams.

LEGO 2K Drive on Xbox Game Pass

The game’s garage element is a huge draw for those who enjoy creating their own contraptions.

“The garage in Lego 2K is huge and it’s an integral part of the game itself,” said Brian Silva, creative director at game developer VC South.

“There are thousands of bricks to choose from. Choose your color, add hinges and change your chassis type. It doesn’t have to be a traditional looking vehicle… you can make a pair of shoes. The garage is so big it’s a game.”

Building games has become a popular feature in player libraries over the past two years. LEGO has always gone to great lengths to combine schematics from the real world with those from the digital realm.

As we reported, LEGO’s crossover into the world of Fortnite has been a huge success since the looter-shooter game teamed up with Danish brick company last December.

The partnership between the two franchises is steadily strengthening each month with a series of content drops. Vehicles were added to Fortnite’s Lego environments this month, and last month players were able to build their own islands.

Dubbed “Machine Madness,” the content patch lets LEGO players drive a variety of new vehicles across the vast plastic land. The update gives fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy a pricey new skin.

Players who purchase the skin pack can access Marvel heroes on the battlefield in traditional games. Pulling out V Bucks also unlocks the block equivalents in the Lego portion of the online multiplayer game.

Fortnite has been plagued by multiple outage issues, affecting server queues and players eager to battle against the Greek pantheon. As we reported, the game received a number of small tweaks as part of patch 29.20.

Image: Xbox Game Pass.

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