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League of Legends is getting a Vampire Survivor-style summer update

A new video shows off Riot Games’ plans for League of Legends, suggesting it’s following in the footsteps of hit game Vampire Survivor.

“Vampire Survivor” is a shooting game developed and published by independent game developer Luca Galante (screen name poncle), which will take the gaming world by storm in 2022. The game relies on time-based survival mechanics, with minimalist gameplay and roguelike elements – features that appear to be built into League of Legends’ summer update.

In a video detailing the work currently underway on League of Legends, Riot Games developer Selina Liu describes the upcoming PVE mode as a “Bullet Haven Survivor PVE game mode.” This certainly echoes the bellicose vibe of Vampire Survivor .

“You will be able to fight against hordes of enemies alone or with friends,” added developer Eduordo Cortejoso. “I know a lot of us, myself included, have some fond memories of previous PVE modes like Odyssey or Star Guardian, and we wanted to do something significantly different this time around.”

Vampire Survivor has grown in popularity over the past few years, and it’s not the first game to take inspiration from other series, such as the recent Deep Rock Galaxy: Survivor. Often referred to as auto-shooters, this emerging genre involves a character moving around a map and dealing with periodically arriving enemies at increasing levels of difficulty.

When will League of Legends be updated?

The update will be released in the summer, but a specific date has not yet been revealed. Riot Games plans to release more details in a written development blog next week. Keep an eye on the League of Legends website to be the first to know.

This isn’t Riot Games’ first foray into PvE game modes, having previously developed similar formats related to Star Guardians and Odyssey’s parallel universes.

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