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League of Legends fans angry about $500 package celebrating its greatest player

When League of Legends (LoL) fans saw that Riot Games’ new content pack celebrating esports players was priced at $500, they were dismayed. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk, the winningest player in League of Legends history, has been inducted into the game’s new Hall of Legends.

Faker bundle leaves LoL fans disappointed

“Faker is undoubtedly the most iconic and influential figure in League of Legends and esports history,” said John Needham, president of esports at Riot Games. “His name is synonymous with excellence in League of Legends esports, and he is a natural fit to be our first inductee into the Heroes Hall of Fame.”

The esports icon has a loyal following, so his inclusion as one of the pro players to watch is a major milestone for the League of Legends brand.

“Faker is not only the winningest player in League of Legends history, he is the face of the sport. His journey has been filled with triumph and trials, perseverance and glory, and has touched the hearts of millions of fans and players,” the League of Legends post read.

The gift packages launched to celebrate Faker will be divided into multiple purchase options – Hall of Legends Pass, Resurrection Pack, Eternity Pack and Autograph Pack.

Hall of Legends:

  • Resurrection Legend LeBlanc Skin
  • SKT T1 Zed, Ryze and Syndra skins
  • 125 Myth Essence
  • 14 Faker-ific icons and emoticons
  • The title of “Broccoli Baron”
  • Bushward Hideout
  • Undead Demon King Banner
  • 6 balls


  • Hall of Legends Pass
  • Resurrected Legendary Ahri Skin
  • Knockdown Counter Taunt
  • Ahri (Champion)
  • Exclusive border
  • Exclusive icons and emoticons


  • Eternal Legend Ahri Skin
  • Exclusive Structure Buster VFX
  • Exclusive Champion Finishing Move Visual Effects
  • Custom Visual Announcer
  • Unique Skin Transformation:
  • 3 boss forms with unique voices
  • The Devil’s Choice Transformation
  • Demon King HUD during ultimate skill
  • Resurrection Legend Series
  • Holographic Immortal Splash Art
  • Dynamic profile background
  • The Border of Eternity
  • Exclusive icons and emoticons


  • Iconic Ahri Skin Upgrades:

  • Faker’s signature move (Ctrl+5)

  • Faker’s structure terminator

  • “Final Boss Faker” title

  • Signature immortality frame

  • Signature Banner

  • Iconic ink art

  • (Ahri & LeBlanc)

  • Eternal Legend Series

  • 100 levels

  • Paragon Chroma

  • SKT T1 Zed, Ryze and Syndra Paragon Chromas

  • Exclusive icons and emoticons

League of Legends fans angry about prices

But not all of the League of Legends community is celebrating, as evidenced by the game’s Reddit thread. Fans took to the social platform to vent their anger, with a statement saying that “the Legends Hall of Fame event was never meant to celebrate Faker, it was meant to make money.”

Reddit user SwiftRespite said: “Riot putting the full skin behind a paywall is the biggest insult to us. Riot chose to exploit our love for Faker for their own gain.

This should be a tribute to Faker after he retires and prove that we were here to cheer him on when he was still playing and lifting trophies.”

The highest tier (Signature) set costs about $500 and unlocks 100 levels of event progression. There are also other tiers of celebration skins. However, the lowest-priced character skin, Risen, costs $40, which is very expensive for the average LoL fan.

This has led to some players boycotting the bundle, with users like Arcuran saying: “I already own Fakers Ahri skin. It’s called the base skin and I’m going to use this skin in honor of Faker.”

Image: League of Legends.

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