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Launches ‘Stop Killing Games’ campaign to stop publishers from removing purchase rights

More and more gamers are dissatisfied with the video game industry. From watching the workforce decimate for profit, to watching large companies leverage artificial intelligence to drive down wages, there’s another aspect of the gaming industry that’s hard to say is good for gaming.

It’s always been a bummer that some companies (at least some) insist that even though you’re actually handing over the $70, you don’t actually own the game, you’re just renting the rights to play it. A phenomenon that people hate. Now this is supposed to be nonsense, but it hasn’t been tested in court, but now that Ross Scott of YouTube channel Accursed Farms has launched the “Stop Killing Games” campaign to call for it, gaming companies can, in fact, keep your money at the same time, seemingly killing a game in an instant.

The most recent example is Ubisoft (remember, they have a reputation as “gamers are going to have to get used to them not owning their games”) who suddenly announced that they were discontinuing their online multiplayer game The Crew.

Last December, Ubisoft was still selling “The Crew” for $25.99, and then suddenly announced that starting from the end of March, “The Crew” would no longer be available. It will disappear into the ether. It’s like it never existed. Go shop for the upcoming Crew Motorfest.

Scott thinks it’s ridiculous, the equivalent of someone taking the clothes you bought off your back on the street and saying, hey, we still have those clothes.

Imagine if a game like Fortnite disappeared in a few years, after the number of players has dwindled. A game so important to video game history is no more. Guess who can’t do anything about it?

Scott said: “More and more, video games are being sold as merchandise, only to become completely unplayable for everyone once support ends. The legality of this practice is untested around the world, and many governments have no regulations regarding these practices. Clarity on the law. Our aim is to get the authorities to check this behavior and hopefully put an end to it, as it is a violation of consumer rights and media protections.”

The Stop Killing Games website is full of information about what’s going on, and provides links to petitions and letters you can send to highlight the practice to the appropriate regulators, some of whom will still consider children They are playing Space Invaders or Doom causing violence.

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