Overview of Aplos

Starting price: $79 per month

Main features:

  • Specializing in IRS 501(c)(3) regulations.
  • Donation web page builder.
  • Simple, beginner-friendly setup.

Aplos is web-based accounting software designed specifically for nonprofits and churches. This beginner-friendly solution handles classic features like double-entry accounting financial tracking and basic analytics. However, it can also address industry-specific needs, such as IRS Form 990.

But it also has its limitations. Aplos’ market is primarily for churches, so it’s unclear whether it would be a good fit for other types of nonprofits. While it has fewer overall features than competitors like QuickBooks, it costs more. So if you have more advanced needs or a lower budget and a smaller team, a competitor might be a better choice.

Let’s see if Aplos is right for your organization.

Aplulos Pricing

Aplos offers three pricing tiers: Lite, Core, and Advanced (customized options). All plans come with a 15-day free trial.

Compare Aplos plans and pricing

plan monthly price Support Commitment/
recurring donations
Includes advanced accounting
(such as asset tracking, expenses, etc.)
Lite $79 No No
nuclear $99 Yes No
advanced Customized — Starting at $189 Yes Yes

Each tier has a core set of functionality, such as fund accounting, financial reporting, customer database management, and event registration support. However, only Core and Premium plans support recurring transactions. So if your organization relies on recurring commitments, you’ll need to move up to the second or third tier.

Key Features of Aplos

Donate online and via SMS

With Aplos, you can quickly create online donation forms and simple websites – without any coding expertise. You can then easily share these pages and track engagement.

You also don’t need to visit a web page to process a donation. You can set up SMS-based donations that require no special expertise, making it easier for people to donate.

No matter how people donate, the platform handles payment processing internally and automatically records the funds for tax purposes. You don’t need to identify third-party tools, as some competitors require.

Event planning and ticketing

Aplos provides tools for managing event registration and ticketing. You can send invitations, scan tickets and track children and adults separately. This benefit is critical for nonprofits and churches that host regular fundraisers, workshops, and community events.

Fund Accounting

Aplos excels in foundation accounting, which is a must for nonprofits. You can easily track and report your money without having to manually remember unique IRS guidelines. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing designated funds and grants, ensuring compliance and transparency in financial reporting.

Donation tracking and reporting

The platform offers powerful donation tracking capabilities. These features enable you to track donations by purpose, generate detailed donation statements, and manage donor information in an easy-to-use database.

You’re in luck when it comes time to file your taxes. That’s because Aplos has you covered with IRS Form 990, which is crucial for nonprofit tax filings.

Gusto Payroll Management

Aplos does not handle payroll at all. But it does have a partnership with Gusto, which you can purchase separately.

This partnership allows you to shave a paycheck by supporting nonprofits and church-specific projects. For example, Gusto can handle features such as W-2 reporting for special nonprofit payroll tax exemptions, clergy exemptions, and housing subsidies.

Advantages of Aplos

  • Simple and suitable for beginners.
  • Powerful donation tracking and reporting.
  • Customizable financial reporting.
  • Free personalized email and phone support included with all plans.
  • User-friendly interface and dashboard.

Disadvantages of Aplos

  • More expensive than some competitors like QuickBooks.
  • Limited invoice customization options.
  • Minimal scalability and advanced features.
  • Tailored specifically for churches, it may not be a good fit for other nonprofits.

Alternatives to Aplos

Aplos whole sage fast book G
Starting price (monthly) $79 custom $30 15 dollars
Generate IRS Form 990 Yes Yes Yes No
Internal payment processing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web-based donation page builder Yes No—Third-party integrations available No—Third-party integrations available No—Third-party integrations available
Suitable for beginners Yes No No Yes
Free trial 15 days not any 30 days 30 days
Visit Applos Visit the Saint Visit QuickBooks Visit Xero

Saint icon.
Image: Sage

whole sage

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting platform for small and medium-sized businesses. But nonprofits and religious organizations are also well served because they serve a wide range of functions.

Sage Intacct offers a deeper suite of financial tools than Aplos, including advanced financial reporting, cash management, and project accounting. These benefits make it suitable for nonprofits looking for scalability and sophisticated financial management capabilities.

Sage Intacct does not share pricing publicly. Therefore, expect to work with a sales agent to create a custom package.

For more information, read our Sage review.

QuickBooks icon.
Image: QuickBooks

fast book

QuickBooks is a household name in accounting. Just about every feature imaginable is included, such as advanced analytics, donation tracking, and budgeting.

However, it lacks the same level of dedicated nonprofit functionality as Aplos, particularly in the area of ​​foundation accounting and donor management. Still, with add-ons and some creativity, QuickBooks can exceed expectations at any stage of your organization’s growth.

For more information, read our QuickBooks review.

Eero icon.
Image: Xero


Xero is another cloud-based accounting software that offers comprehensive functionality for small and medium-sized businesses, including nonprofits. It provides services such as financial reporting, invoicing, inventory management, and payroll.

Xero is more affordable than Aplos, making it an attractive option for small nonprofits or organizations just starting out. However, much like QuickBooks, its nonprofit features aren’t as extensive as Aplos, especially in terms of specialized fund accounting and donation tracking. Therefore, it’s best suited for those who prioritize affordability and ease of use without requiring advanced features specific to nonprofits.

For more information, read our Xero review.

review method

We took a closer look at Aplos’ cost, value for nonprofit and church-specific features, customer feedback, and overall strength. We also compared it to its competitors and identified its strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, we analyze headline analysis, IRS form support, and other factors.

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