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Instagram is developing “Blend” to recommend Reels to you and your friends

Instagram is working on a “Mix” feature that will create private feeds of Reels recommended for you and your friends. The company told TechCrunch on Friday that the feature is just an internal prototype and has not yet been tested externally.

The feature was first discovered by a reverse engineer Alessandro Paruzzi, they often discover social media features in development before they are officially released. According to a screenshot Paluzzi posted on the X, Blend will include “Reels recommendations based on the Reels you share with each other and your Reels interests.”

In other words, if you invite a friend to a “Blend,” Instagram will generate a personalized Reels feed that it believes will be interesting to both of you. Blend appears to be somewhat similar to Spotify’s feature of the same name, which launched in 2021 and allows two people to combine their favorite songs into a shared playlist.

This screenshot shows that Blends are private between you and other users, and that you can leave Blends at any time. Instagram didn’t reveal any specific details about the feature and whether Blends will be constantly updated with new recommendations or if it will update after a certain period of time.

This feature is designed to allow users to discover new Reels together, which will be a way for Instagram to increase the discovery rate and watch time of Reels. Since people are already sending Reels to each other via DMs, Instagram will now use that data to proactively recommend and display pairs of Reels it thinks users will like.

As with any other prototype, it’s unclear when or if Instagram plans to roll out the feature externally.

If launched, Blend would provide interesting collaboration features for Instagram Reels users that aren’t available on rival platform TikTok. Although the two products are very similar, the launch of “Blend” may give Instagram a slight competitive advantage over TikTok, albeit a small one considering TikTok continues to dominate the short-form video market.

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