Huawei has built an artificial intelligence weather model that can provide five-day forecasts with an accuracy of 3 kilometers, making weather forecasts more accurate.

China’s Huawei Technologies first shared their weather forecast plan through Pangu Weather in July 2023, which was first released a month later.

The team describes it as “the first artificial intelligence prediction model that is more accurate than traditional numerical weather prediction methods.”

Now, the latest version to challenge traditional forecasting is the Huawei Smart AI model, developed by Pangu Weather in partnership with the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau. The project was launched at the end of March.

Zhiji’s accuracy has been improved from 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) to just 3 kilometers and can provide this accuracy in five-day forecasts for Shenzhen and its surrounding areas.

William Dong, president of Huawei Cloud Marketing, said in a news article: “The launch of the Shenzhen regional AI weather model means that AI can provide new methods to achieve accurate, small-scale weather forecasts…

“Extreme weather is on the rise globally, and artificial intelligence weather forecasting systems have shown unique advantages in predicting various weather conditions.

“In the future, Huawei Cloud will continue to [be] Innovate artificial intelligence weather forecasting methods to benefit more industries, provide more refined meteorological services, and strengthen disaster prevention and reduction. “

Tools used during the monsoon season in southern China

As the monsoon season approaches, Huawei Cloud and the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau will jointly verify and evaluate weather tools for the monsoon season.

The AI ​​is expected to be able to detect patterns that lead to early warnings.

Lan Hongping, deputy director of the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau, said the team has been “exploring ways to improve weather forecast and warning services, and we believe artificial intelligence is an important way to achieve this goal.”

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