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Howling Tides developer apologizes for release issues

The developer of gacha adventure game Howling Tides has issued an apology after a series of hotfixes impacted the game’s launch, with the latest causing players to be completely logged out of the game and forced to reinstall.

Kuro Games apologizes

Chinese developer Kuro Games apologized to X Games through the official Lustrous Tides account. To make amends, Kuro Games also gave away ten Lustrous Tides to affected players.

“We’ve discovered some issues that impact your gaming experience and are currently actively looking for solutions,” the developer wrote. “We are committed to constant self-reflection and improvement, with your satisfaction as our top priority. We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience as we recently experienced technical issues.”

The developers listed all of the game’s issues in a lengthy post on the Howling Tides website. These include login timeout issues, age verification issues, and compatibility issues with certain Android devices. At the time of writing, the game has eight known issues, but the most significant issue for players is probably localization, which the developers say they are working to “constantly correct.”

“The upcoming patch will fix some known issues with the current localized text,” the post reads. “Rest assured, we are committed to providing the best experience for our players and we take performance issues very seriously. In future updates, we will continue to optimize the game’s performance to improve your gaming experience.”

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