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How to retrieve items in Dragon’s Dogma 2 New Game Plus

Dragon’s Dogma is a cool game, but it’s not always obvious what’s going on, although we imagine the developers thought some things were more obvious than they actually were. One problem you may encounter is that after you finish the game and are ready to start a new Game+ mode, you may not be sure what to expect. It doesn’t help that when you launch it, your inventory is empty, your items seem to have disappeared, and it seems like you have to start from scratch again. All is not as it seems my friend.

Get your items back

After starting a New Game+, you actually keep all of your items, including armor and weapons, as well as your levels and pieces. You can even keep all your gold, so hopefully you stock up on some towards the end of the game, as a little extra gold in New Game+ will help you get off to a better start.

When you restart, you’ll find yourself in a dungeon in the mines, and you’ll need to continue playing until you reach the first tavern. Once you reach that point, you’ll find a chest that safely stores all your items, even those of your Pawn, and can get out of there and start the game over again, although this time you’ll have a harder time .

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