One of the most frustrating mechanics in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is stamina. Opportunities for fast travel are at a premium when traversing such a large open world, and in fact, stamina is so limited that the opportunity to run around and get to your destination faster is limited to, after leveling up, can become quite tedious, Quite quickly.

How to increase your stamina

There are a few things you can do to ease the pain a bit, but ultimately, the most you can gain in your stamina stats can only come from improving your levels. We assume that when you reach the maximum level of 999, you can basically start running transcontinental ultramarathons.

However, as you level up, you can try a few different things, which will give you some small bonuses.

First, don’t put too much burden on yourself. Doing this is disastrous for your stamina stats and can really hinder you, so don’t bring more than you absolutely need at the start of the game. We know it’s easy to collect everything you see, but it’s a fool’s errand. Use your Pawn as a pack horse, or leave the less important stuff behind first.

Secondly, whenever you see a Golden Treasure Beetle, collect it and it will increase your carrying capacity, meaning you can carry more stuff before becoming overburdened and running out of stamina quickly.

You can collect around 80 of the 120 in the game to increase your carrying capacity to the maximum level.

Beyond that, just follow our quick leveling tips and you’ll soon stop noticing your wheezing corpse running out of stamina again.

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