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How to buy Warbond Battle Pass in Helldivers 2? does it worth?

Helldiver 2 was a huge success, capturing the imagination of Starship Troopers players while still seeming to be able to avoid some of the ill effects of other online co-op games.

As with all these types of games, although unlike some this isn’t free to play, it does have a battle pass system that rewards your actions with nifty cosmetics and new weapons. Think Call of Duty/Warhammer 40k Undertow.

Helldrivers 2 recently released a new patch with some changes to the content, and unlike almost every other game with a battle pass, it’s not a shocking cash grab and you can earn almost Take everything the game has to offer just play it. More on that later. First let’s look at the different Battle Passes (called War Bonds here) and see what’s going on.

Helldiver 2 War Bonds

Helldivers 2 currently has 3 Warbonds, assuming this will change over time as people complete these Warbonds, but for now, we get a free tier and two premium tiers that cost 1,000 in-game currency each. super points

Free Warbond is called Helldivers mobilize!while the advanced level is steel veteran and cutting edge. Both Warbonds contain different weapons and cosmetics than the free version, and while some say the premium weapons are better, you could accuse Helldivers 2 of being pay-to-win, but we disagree with that as the weapons in the free version of the game are The stats are very similar, and Helldivers 2 is a player versus environment (PvE) game anyway, so a better gun won’t give you any advantage over other players.

The way War Bonds work is that as you play the game, you earn medals that you can then spend on a War Bond of your choice. The free tier has 10 pages of goodies, but you have to “spend” a certain number of medals to access the next page – you can’t just go to page 10 and get the best stuff at the start. You need to play a lot of games before you get to this point.

Advanced War Debt has fewer pages but is arguably cooler looking gear.

Warbonds screen in Helldivers 2Warbonds screen in Helldivers 2

Should you buy the Helldivers 2 battle pass?

This is where the developers and publishers need to give credit, because, yes, there’s a battle pass, and yes, you can buy it, but you probably don’t need to. We’re generously awarding Super Points when you play the Free Tier, so as long as you don’t spend them on other stuff (there’s also a cosmetics store), you’ll probably have the 1,000 Super Points you need to unlock in no time. Premium Battle Pass then gives you access to more free Super Points so you can eventually unlock a third one.

So why buy Warbond? Obviously if you want to use other gear but can’t commit hour to hour and support the developers yet, time is a reason. Now, anyone who knows me and has read my articles will know that I am not a fan of the corporate gaming world, to say the least, they just rip off players, but when a company does good things they deserve our support and support if Just to encourage them to keep doing it. Battle Pass funds will go directly toward future development, which is definitely a good thing.

How to Buy Hellraiser 2 Warbond

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how to actually buy senior war bonds, which is weird because it’s so obvious. However, what’s also strange is that I also had trouble figuring out how to do this in the first place, even though it’s so obvious. So this section is for those of you who, like me, missed the giant “Buy Premium Warbond” button in the lower right corner of the screen when using one of these.

It’s so weird that there’s no way I don’t see it these days, but judging from the posts on Reddit and the search volume on this topic, a lot of us are missing this button for some UI-related reason. Anyway. Click Warbond and a button will appear in the lower right corner. You could have sworn it had never existed before, but it did. Told you it was weird.

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