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Here’s what a Call of Duty and Fallout collaboration looks like

Although it hasn’t been confirmed by Activision or Infinity Ward, Fallout appears to be the next crossover with Call of Duty, and data miners have found images showing what it will look like.

The crossover content is a tracking pack called Fallout Shelter Dwellers, which includes Vault 141 outfits for Agents Soap, Ghost, Capt. Price, and Gaz. The reason they get Vault 141 (which, as far as we know, doesn’t exist in Fallout canon) is because they were Task Force 141 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3, the latest versions of Activision’s blockbuster military shooter.

While it hasn’t been officially announced, we’ve known about it for a while now. The Fallout crossover was quietly revealed earlier this month, along with mentions of Gundam (confirmed) and the hit action franchise Crow (yet to be announced).

The Call of Duty/Fallout crossover should also include weapon skins, as the Operator can be seen holding a blue-gold rifle and a rocket launcher. Note that these may just be skins, as bringing something like Fallout’s Fat Man Launcher to Call of Duty could ruin the balance of the entire game, but you never know.

Charlie Intel speculates that if the Fallout crossover follows standard Tracer Pack pricing, it would probably cost around 2,400 CoD Points, which is about $20.

The partnership with Fallout was a no-brainer, not only because of the popularity of the Amazon Prime TV show, but also because Activision Blizzard and its studios are now subsidiaries of Microsoft, having been the parent company of the Fallout IP, Bethesda Softworks, for more than 20 years.

Fallout also recently partnered with Fortnite to capitalize on the TV series’ success and interest in the series.

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