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Here are the top 7 most downloaded PlayStation games in March 2024

Sony on Monday released its regular look back at the most downloaded PlayStation video games for the month of March, which is a good reflection of the overall video game conversation last month, not just the console’s audience. Beyond the long-tail mainstays are some breakout hits, while sports lurk as ever on the fringes.

Whether you’re at the forefront of one of the new games or currently immersed in others, here are the top seven games downloaded by more than 100 million PlayStation Network users. The full list broken down by platform and region is here.

Hellraiser 2

Hellraiser 2 was the first breakout hit game of 2024, launching on PlayStation and PC in early February and immediately facing server loads totaling hundreds of thousands of players within its first two weeks of release.

Helldivers 2 is a co-op multiplayer game that is a marked departure from its predecessor, a top-down shooter that still attracted a large audience when it launched in 2015. The sequel adopts a setting that overcomes all difficulties and requires high tactics. first game and applied it to a more engaging and immersive third-person perspective. Not only is it the most downloaded PlayStation Network game, it’s also the largest release of a Sony-published game ever on Steam.

MLB Show 24

Developed by SIE San Diego Studio, MLB The Show 24 is a full-scale baseball simulation game that has been an annual winner for sports fans since its launch 15 years ago. That doesn’t mean its makers can rest on their laurels.

This year, MLB The Show 24 is introducing female stars as playable stars across all modes, a move aimed at broadening the audience to fans who also dream of becoming major leaguers, even if they know they’ve never had one Opportunity. Women feature prominently in the storyline mode launching in 2023, a series of interactive vignettes that tell the untold stories of professional players during baseball’s segregation era. They were also present at Road to the Show, a true gem of the game. This is a rich, alternative, single-player fantasy game in which users can create their own superstars and lead them all the way to the Major League Baseball.

Dragon’s Dogma 2

As the title suggests, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a sequel to a work published 12 years ago, but whose avid audience has never forgotten it. This open-world fantasy adventure isn’t exactly a Souls-like game. Still, there’s no doubt that fans who have gathered around the subgenre over the past decade, especially with games like 2022’s Elden Ring, will have a natural and strong interest in this open-world epic.

“WWE 2K24”

WWE 2K24 faces a daunting task every year, which is basically “How do you simulate something that’s, um, fake?” Somehow, 2K Sports pulled it off three years ago, bringing professional wrestling and all its behind-the-scenes machinations to the Presented as movable pieces on a delightfully chaotic board, as if it were a “real” sport.

This year’s big shows include a WrestleMania 40th anniversary retrospective. MyRise is a create-a-player career mode that will once again offer two unique storylines whether the player chooses to play as a female or male superstar. Those who like the elements of pro wrestling — the angles, matches, etc. that make it a sports soap opera — will find a lot to like in the polished MyGM mode, which doesn’t make huge changes but knows how to dust it off Continuing the success of the past two games without tipping the teacup.

A screenshot from Madden NFL 24 shows a Green Bay Packers defensive player celebrating a stop in the background, with the football in the foreground just inches from the goal lineA screenshot from Madden NFL 24 shows a Green Bay Packers defensive player celebrating a stop in the background, with the football in the foreground just inches from the goal line

Madden NFL 24

When the confetti fell on the Kansas City Chiefs for Super Bowl 58 in early February, Madden NFL 24 didn’t say goodbye. Madden is beating its other basketball brethren in the first month of the offseason, at least on PlayStation, thanks to the live service of Ultimate Team mode. Whether you like it or not, American football is a year-round sport, and content for its video games is always available in the Madden Ultimate Team suite of live services.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Series

Few early console series are as beloved as Battlefront, and when you add in the natural appeal of Star Wars, it’s easy to see why this two-game bundle, which includes 2004’s Battlefront ” and 2005’s Battlefront II) will be so popular among nostalgic fans. . Both games came to modern hardware in 2019 and 2020. However, this collection is more than just a straight port, if not a true remaster or remake, and promises the multiplayer that made the first two games such a long-lasting hit on PlayStation. 2.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

This is a surprise. Rainbow Six Siege didn’t make the top 20 on this list last month, but here it outperforms EA Sports FC 24, NBA 2K24, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. That’s thanks in part to the March launch of Operation Deadly Omen, the first season of the live service game’s ninth year.No, Rainbow Six Siege is still Not a free game. Whether Fortnite is getting its latest celebrity crossover or Destiny 2 is waiting for its next big expansion, there’s always something for your six-player needs in Siege.

Featured Image: Helldivers 2 on Steam

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