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Helldivers defeated the Automaton threat, why do we think worse is coming?

Hell Divers we did it! The automaton threat is over, we’ve kicked their ass back into the galaxy. So is that so? Just a few more bugs need to be eliminated and we can retire in peace and have our capes framed like old Super Bowl championship jerseys.

Yeah, come to think of it, we’re not quite sure how things are going to turn out. One of the coolest things about Helldivers 2 is the Dungeon Master aspect of the game. Arrow has a storyteller who basically decides what happens next and what we need to do next, and now that there are no more robots, he’s unlikely to take long coffee breaks. It sounds like a classic movie trick, being lured into a false sense of security, only for another bad guy to pop into the kitchen wearing a screamer mask.

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It’s a cute idea, but we’re not sold on it. The Illuminati from the original Helldiver is rumored to have turned up in sightings, and last week we all saw images of the mysterious invisible ship. Something is going on, our hell-diving senses are twitching.

However, it’s really cool how this real-time DM aspect can completely change the game. Elite Dangerous does something similar in many ways, and the ability to continually introduce new threats into the world should help keep the millions of people still playing Helldivers 2 coming back for more.

Shooting robots may well be just the appetizer for what’s to come. Watch this space.

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