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Helldivers 2’s latest update finally raises level cap

Helldivers 2 fans can take their gameplay to the next level thanks to long-awaited features in the latest update.

Hellraiser 2 has been named one of the most popular games of 2024, taking the gaming world by storm since its release on February 8, 2024. With over 8 million copies sold worldwide, hundreds of thousands of people experience Automatons and Terminids fighting daily, using futuristic weapons, in the name of democracy.

A product of Arrowhead Game Studios, Hellraiser 2 has received one minor update since launch, but the real content upgrade comes in the latest update. In addition to correcting balance issues, the long-awaited level cap is now finally here.

What is level cap?

Level cap refers to the highest level a playable character can reach, most commonly found in role-playing or fighting games like Helldivers 2. Once game developers realize it, level caps are often raised in subsequent games or expansion packs/downloadable content. The next level should be based on existing gameplay.

Taking Helldivers 2 as an example, some high-achieving players have been stuck at the same point for a while and have no room to continue pushing themselves to higher levels in the game. Previously, the player limit was 50, but this has now been increased.

This cooperative third-person shooter is centered around personal progression. Experience points, known in-game as XP, are the cornerstone of progress in Helldivers 2. The higher you level up, the more new weapons and game-changing strategies you can unlock. Every action you take in a mission, from completing objectives to defeating enemies, contributes to your XP total and helps you advance in the game.

The update also includes some general fixes, as well as Balance changes to missions, strategies, weapons, enemies, and Helldivers.

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