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Helldivers 2 Warbond Details – Everything You Need to Know

Helldiver 2 is still going strong despite a few days of instability over last week’s PSN registration drama. Keen to put it all behind us and celebrate the victory of the regular Helldivers, we’ve got a new War Bonds Battle Pass – Polar Patriot – that’s got just enough snow to give our Helldivers a new look and enough to look like Hoth Stormtroopers on the planet and have to calm down. Let’s take a look at how much it costs, what’s included, and whether you should buy it. If you want to check out other Warbonds and understand how they work, you can check out our full background here.

Polar Patriot War Bonds

Warbind is now available for purchase for 1,000 Super Points, equivalent to $9.99 USD / £7.99 EarthCoin.Can be purchased in-game via your favorite online store such as PlayStation Store or Steam

All new items in Helldivers 2 Polar Patriots

There are 18 new goodies that will appear as you play Warbond, and we’ll cover them in more detail soon, but here’s a handy list so you can check them off as you get them.

  1. AR-61 Tenderizer
  2. call hell divers
  3. CW-22 Kodiak
  4. CW-36 Winter Warrior
  5. CW-4 Arctic Ranger
  6. A dissident’s nightmare
  7. A dissident’s nightmare
  8. Distribute ballots
  9. G-13 Incendiary Bomb Impact
  10. pantomime instrument
  11. motivational shock
  12. respectable order of votes
  13. respectable order of votes
  14. P-113 Judgment
  15. The pinion of eternal glory
  16. The pinion of eternal glory
  17. PLAS-101 purifier
  18. SMG-72 Striker

Polar Patriots Weapons Statistics

There are four new weapons you can have, and here are their stats:

AR-61 Tenderizer
Damage: 60
Capacity: 35
Recoil: 10
Rate of fire: 600
Light armor penetration

SMG-72 Striker
Damage: 65
Capacity: 45
Recoil: 10
Rate of fire: 45
Light armor penetration
one hand

G-13 Incendiary Bomb Impact
Damage: 150
Penetration: 3
Outer radius: 7
Melting time: 0.0 seconds

PLAS-101 purifier
Damage: 250
Capacity: 15
Recoil: 20
Rate of fire: 250
Medium armor penetration

Polar Patriot Armor Statistics

Now let’s take a look at the new armor.

SW-36 Winter Warrior
Armor rating: 150
Speed: 450
Stamina recovery 50

Serving Assist: Throwing range increased by 30%

CW-22 Kodiak
Armor rating: 150
Speed: 450
Stamina recovery 50

Provides 50% resistance to explosion damage

CW-4 Arctic Ranger
Armor rating: 50
Speed: 550
Stamina recovery 125

The distance at which enemies detect the wearer is reduced by 30%

other projects

In addition to the other cosmetics included in Warbond, you may also want to check out some new Arctic-themed items in the Premium Shop.

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