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Helldivers 2 joins big games like Modern Warfare II and Apex Legends | Dean Beats

According to a report by IDG Consulting, Helldivers 2’s initial daily active users (DAU) on Steam are on par with major games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Apex Legends.

Now that’s democracy!

Christina Kei, vice president and co-head of research at IDG Consulting, said Helldiver 2’s numbers were quite strong considering its distribution challenges.

IDG Consulting says that while Helldivers 2 ($40) had server issues at launch and was not a free-to-play game like Apex Legends, it performed on par with leading free-to-play games . – Play games like Warzone 2 and Apex Legends, as well as premium title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

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IDG said that after 30 days on the market, “Hellraiser 2” has millions of players on Steam and PlayStation, which is only slightly lower than the number of daily active users of “Call of Duty” on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. The performance of “Helldivers 2” in the first 30 days is much higher than that of “Apex Legends” and “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League”.

the scarcity of success

“Hell Diver 2” recruitment video.

In many ways, this success is a remarkable achievement. Market research firm Newzoo reports that PC and game console market revenue will grow only 2.6% in 2023, reaching $93.5 billion. But since the first quarter of 2021, average quarterly gaming time has decreased by 26%, and more than 60% of players’ gaming time is spent on games released six or more years ago. This means that breaking into the top ranks like Palworld and Helldivers 2 is rare.

Come to earth.

Call of Duty’s moving average DAU on Steam has been trending downward since around the end of January, so it’s impossible to say that the drop in numbers is due to Helldivers 2, as that game only had two releases on Steam. available on the platform. However, when you consider that Call of Duty runs on three platforms, Hellraiser 2’s achievement seems pretty monumental. Call of Duty hasn’t had real competition like this since the launch of Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

While the rest of the industry suffered from layoffs, the game from Stockholm, Sweden’s Arrowhead Game Studios was a rare success – like Palworld earlier – it kept players happy and in It achieved success without the launch of any other successful triple-A game.

Look at their results.

In fact, IDG Consulting said Hellraiser 2 has a Metacritic score of 82 out of 100, beating out the likes of Warner Bros. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (60), Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones and Payday 3 (66). Arrowhead is not a small indie studio; It developed the game with more than 100 developers. They worked for eight years and used an engine that was discontinued in 2018.

Helldivers 2 launches on PlayStation and PC on February 8th. I’ve played it a few times with my good friend Mark Chandler, and it has a lot of interesting details. You can form a team of up to four players and hunt for giant Terminids and Automatons across the galaxy in a battle that feels like a modern version of Starship Troopers. It’s a contrived title, like the old Starship Troopers movies.

Players are complaining about being unable to access the game as servers are overwhelmed. This made launch difficult, as the game set concurrency records on Steam. But those complaints eventually subsided as the game’s developers successfully raised the player cap.

What’s the appeal?

Mark Chandler’s team.

You pick your weapons on a space destroyer and plunge into enemy territory. You set out to eliminate bugs and complete tasks such as obtaining intel. Then you evacuate before the bugs swarm. You’ll get a lot of laughs because there’s friendly fire in the game, and I accidentally dropped my first cluster bomb on some of my teammates, taking them out along with a bunch of bugs.

Chandler said he enjoyed watching me grow as a player and die in a more spectacular way. I actually died in one game because an evacuation helicopter landed on me while I was defending the top of a mountain. Then my friends decided they couldn’t bring me back, so they left the planet without me. I think this is an emerging way of doing comedy. It’s nice to have comrades who keep bringing me back as reinforcements after I die.

Regardless, having a laugh like this with a group of teammates – swatting away waves of bugs together instead of being mowed down by squeaky-voiced kids – can be addictive. The developers added flying insects, a new nuisance that deepens the complexity of combat.

I do see a path to improvement, which includes mastering tasks like calling in attacks and bringing in reinforcements in smart ways. So this is definitely a game that requires you to take your road to improvement seriously. My colleagues keep dropping better weapons, robots, and shields for me. Once I can win these on my own, I feel more capable against my enemies.

The original Helldivers from 2015.

By the way, I’m glad I finally found this email from 2015:

We thought you might be interested in reviewing HELLDIVERS™, a new PC game released on Steam by Arrowhead Game Studio.

These codes are for the game’s Press Beta and are valid starting today.

Please note that no DLC will be available until HELLDIVERS™ is officially released on December 7th.

Arrow Game Studios

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