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Helldivers 2 Coming to New Warbond – Everything We Know So Far

You may be fresh from all the information about Warbonds in Helldivers 2 from our recent article, but things are about to change for Super Earthlings with news of a new Warbond, the game’s third premium battle pass, on the way .

Codenamed “Democratic Explosion,” it will bring the usual mix of cosmetics and wave-style emotes, but more importantly, it will pack five new explosive weapons and be ready to “send the biggest explosion ever to blow up bugs.” ”, melt the machine and ignite the blazing fire of freedom!

Warbond is launching on all formats on April 11th and as we said it’s a premium Warbond, we don’t have a price yet but if things go the same as the other two premium battle passes you’re looking at 1,000 Super Points (actual value approx. £7.99/$9.99).

Reviews of Helldivers 2’s battle pass system have been mixed, with many finding it generous as you can earn a ton of Super Points just by playing the free tier – enough to be comfortable enough to buy premium Warbond, while others suggested (We think this is wrong) Weapons in paid levels make the game pay-to-win, but you can find out more about that on our Warbonds page.

New Weapons in Hellraiser 2

The five weapons featured in Democracy Explosion are:

BR-14 Arbiter Rifle
Make accurate judgments about justice against your enemies. This armor-piercing assault rifle is best suited for dealing with smaller groups.

R-36 blast rifle
Keep your distance… This bolt-action rifle fires jet-assisted rounds that explode with shrapnel in all directions on impact. All directions. Even your face.

CB-9 Explosive Crossbow
Boom! Enjoy powerful explosive bolts that deal maximum damage on direct impact. Gravity must be considered when aiming.

G-123 thermite grenade
This little beauty sticks to surfaces before burning to temperatures of 2000°C.

GP-31 grenade pistol
Follow the instructions on the label – a handgun that fires grenades. Don’t forget to reload between shots, though.

There’s also a new booster to help you get rid of those sticky seams quickly.

new helldiver 2 armor

New protections will also help combat insect/robot threats across the galaxy.

CE-27 earth breaker
Medium armor.
“The ground is just another obstacle that hasn’t been cleared yet.” – Janet Jones, SGM, Founder of Digging Legion.

CE-07 Demolition Expert
Light Armor.
Originally worn by lunar terraformers, the suit can withstand pressure, heat, and rapid changes in personal speed.

FS-55 Destroyer
Heavy armor.
The domestic version of this armor allowed colonial farmers to safely grow crops and mines side by side while remaining intact.

“Democracy Explosion” will be released on April 11.

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