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Google may launch ‘Find My Device’ network in early April

Google has reportedly revealed the launch date for its Find My Device network for Android, which helps locate lost phones and accessories.

The tech giant sent an email telling users it would turn on the feature within three days, online news site 9to5Google reported. Google officially announced its Find My Device network last year, leveraging its vast fleet of Android devices to help locate lost phones, headphones and trackers.

However, the network’s rollout has been delayed as Google works with Apple to establish industry standards. The purpose of this effort is to ensure that location technology is not misused to maliciously track an individual’s movements. After Apple launched AirTag in 2021, this issue became prominent among Android users.

When will it be launched?

In the email, the company explained the core benefits of the network, including being able to find devices even if they are offline. It adds: “You can also find any compatible Quick Pair accessories when they are disconnected from your device. This includes compatible earbuds and headphones, as well as trackers that can attach to your wallet, keys, or bike.”

In the final part of the email, Google specified that the network would be launched “within three days.” The timing suggests the Find My Device network is scheduled to launch on Sunday, April 7, or more realistically on Monday, April 8. The launch comes nearly a year after it was originally announced.

“You will receive a notification on your Android device when this feature is turned on in 3 days. Until then, you can opt out of the network by finding my device on the web,” the message concluded.

In the latest beta version of Google Play services, a “Find offline devices” setting has appeared for some Android users, suggesting that an official launch may be around the corner.

Unknown tracker alert

Last July, Android launched a new feature called “Unknown Tracker Alert” to protect Android users from tracking incidents involving Bluetooth tracking devices such as Apple AirTags. Therefore, Apple is preparing to integrate comprehensive anti-tracking features in iOS 17.5.

The popularity of Bluetooth tracking devices stems from their ability to locate lost items. However, privacy and security concerns have cast a shadow over the situation after numerous instances of these devices being misused for tracking and unauthorized tracking. In response to the severity of these issues, Apple has implemented privacy warnings and alerts on its devices to inform and protect users.

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