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Google may have fixed Pixel scrolling issues

Google has reportedly fixed a known scrolling issue on Pixel phones that many users have complained about.

According to Google’s issue tracker, the scrolling experience on some Pixel models suffers from jitter and stuttering, which is especially noticeable when animation movements start to slow down. It seems to be most common on the Pixel 8 Pro, but has been reported on other models as well.

The stuttering was first reported in October and has apparently been resolved. However, the fix may not be rolled out until Android 15.

Google’s tracker states that “continued optimizations for performance and power consumption are expected to be implemented in the next Android version. These include improvements that will positively impact overall system UI stuttering and use cases related to certain Android apps.”

It is believed that the “next Android version” refers to Android 15 and not the minor update to Android 14.

Android 15 Developer Preview

The official beta program for Android 15 will launch in April and is currently available as a developer preview. However, there were several reports of installation issues with the Android 15 Developer Preview, leading Google to withdraw the official OTA update file.

Many features of Android 15 have been leaked, including lock screen widgets and possible advanced Bluetooth audio sharing.

The Android 15 developer preview was launched in February, allowing developers to explore new APIs, behavioral changes and report any critical issues or requests to the company during this period. It then released Preview 2 in March, which made some changes, including better handling of automatic language switching.

It also brings long-awaited support for satellite connectivity, as well as several improvements to contactless payments, quantity consistency, and interaction with PDFs through the app.

The first official confirmation that Android 15 will feature satellite messaging comes from a Google press release, which says the new preview supports “preloaded RCS apps to send and receive messages using satellite connections.”

These betas for developers will serve as a testing ground for features expected to be included in the final public release later this year.

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