Google announced on Monday that it will launch an upgraded Find My Device network in the United States and Canada. Find My Device’s crowdsourced network of over 1 billion Android devices helps users find lost Android devices and everyday items. The Find My Device network is similar to Apple’s Find My Device network and is available for devices running Android 9+.

With the Find My Device network, users will be able to locate their Android phones and tablets by making a call or viewing their location on a map, even if they are offline. Google’s previous Find My Device service required the lost phone to have an Internet connection in order to locate it. The upgraded network also allows Pixel 8 and 8 Pro users to find their devices even if they are turned off or have a dead battery.

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Starting in May, Android users will be able to find everyday items like keys or wallets; Google is integrating Bluetooth tracker tags from Chipolo and Pebbblebee into the Find My Device app. Google says the tags will be built specifically for the Find My Device network and will be “compatible with unknown tracker alerts on Android and iOS to help protect users from unwanted tracking.” Users can expect to see compatibility labels for Motorola, Jio and Eufy later this year.

“Find My Device is secure by default and private by design,” Google VP of Engineering Erik Kay wrote in a blog post. “Multiple layers of protection built into the Find My Device network help keep you safe and your personal information private while giving you control over the devices connected to the Find My Device network. This includes location data End-to-end encryption and aggregated device location reporting, a first-of-its-kind security feature, provide additional protection against unwanted tracking to home or private locations.”

The service also integrates with Nest smart home gadgets and shows the distance of a lost device to a home Nest device.

Google said that a software update is coming soon for headphones from JBL, Sony and others, and these headphones will soon join the Find My Device network.

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